DeVore Fidelity

Several years ago, a customer told us about a new line of speakers from a small Brooklyn designer named John DeVore. We had a good feeling about them and requested a pair to audition. Keep in mind we haven't sold an American high-end speaker brand for years and prefer established designers as the little guys can often make a speaker that's good at some things but fails to delivery the over all coherency and value of the better designers.

About half a song into the first listen of Mr. DeVore's Gibbon 8 two-way floorstanding speaker and we knew we had our new line of speakers. Since then the Gibbon 8 has gone on to outsell any speaker in its price range at Hawthorne Stereo. A quick glance tells you the priorities are in the right place. A clean compact design, a single pair of binding posts, high-quality Vifa drivers and simple set-up instructions. Listening reveals a very special product indeed. The Gibbon 8 has coherency, warmth, deep bass, and liveliness all while being tremendously open, disappearing in fact and very easy to live with in almost any room. These speakers are the easiest to position of any speaker we've run across. In almost any room the deliver deep but balanced low frequency response and a forward but non-fatiguing overall presentation.

The Gibbon 8 has been complemented this year by the higher performance Gibbon Super 8 featuring numerous improvements in the same basic cabinet. While the Super 8 is a touch more room sensitive it delivers even deeper bass and another level of clarity over its sibling.

The DeVore top of line speaker is called the Silverback and is garnering praise as exceptional against speakers of any price. John also makes a line of bookshelf speakers and a center channel for home theater applications.