Naim Audio NAC 72 Preamp Olive RECAPPED 2020 (57234) USED

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Fully recapped by Naim Audio in March of 2020!

9/10 cosmetic condition. Serial Number 57234 (1992).

The NAC 72 represents perhaps the most forward and lively of all Naim preamps, and its olive color and half-width size make it a store favorite. When music is played through this little fella, it reaches out of the speaker, grabs you by the collar, and makes you listen to the album all the way through. Pair with a HiCap and a Naim NAP 250 power amp.

Phono boards extra.

Dominic has declared this one of "Dominic's Delicacies," a title given only to Dominic's most-recommended items!

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