Nordost Heimdall Speaker Wire USED

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Unique and highly regarded speaker cable in 5 meter length. Spade on one side, banana on the other. For an amusing read, check out Art Dudley's Stereophile review of Heimdall speaker wire!
8/10 from ~2006.

"The Heimdall line is the least expensive products to incorporate the technology which Nordost calls Micro Mono-Filament. The Heimdall speaker cable starts as a 24-gauge, solid-core, oxygen-free copper conductor, over which a 60µm layer of pure silver is extruded. The silver surface is polished, and a thin monofilament made of a polymer called fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) is wound around it. Finally, an outer jacket of FEP is extruded over that, touching only the FEP thread. Heimdall speaker cable comprises 24 of those mostly air-insulated conductors, precisely spaced and molded side-by-side in a ribbon that measures 1.35" wide and 0.03" thick. Termination choices include gold-plated spade connectors and gold-plated Z-Plugs (Nordost's proprietary low-mass bananas)."

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