Pro-Ject X1 Turntable

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X1 is based on the simplicity of the vintage P1 by Pro-Ject and has been improved in every aspect thanks to modern materials and sophisticated new production methods. While the basic design philosophy remains unchanged, there are a myriad of improvements in each level of design. A sophisticated DC/AC generator board combined with the convenient speed control board delivers clean and stable power to the quietly-running motor. The motor is decoupled from the plinth via a TPE motor suspension system that isolates the motor and quells vibration. X1’s motor drives the massive, non-resonant 1.5kg satinized acrylic platter via a sub-platter drive system and a premium-grade main bearing for liquid-smooth rotation. This is the perfect platform on which to place your precious vinyl records, guaranteeing absolute reliability in its performance and sonic character.

• Speed control with electronic speed switch for ultimate speed stability
• Carefully isolated motor for less vibration and noise
• Resonance free, 1.5 kg heavy acryl platter
• 8.6” carbon/aluminum sandwich tonearm with best internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
• High performance, resonance optimized Sumiko Olympia phono cartridge
• Luxurious 8 layers of painting and hand-polished finish or real-wood, satin-waxed veneer
• Super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance Pro-Ject phono cables
• Height adjustable, aluminum feet for massively reduced risk of acoustical feedback
• Handmade in Europe

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