Audio Physic Avanti Floorstanding Speakers

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Audio Physic Avanti loudspeakers are impressive not only for their elegant appearance—whether in a beautiful high gloss veneer or in a luxurious glass finish—but also for the integration of numerous cutting-edge Audio Physic technologies within their slender frame. It represents the first utilization of the next-generation Hyper Holographic Cone Technology (HHCT III and HHCM SL) in mid-range drivers and tweeters. Through meticulous optimization of details, harmonic distortion levels have been noticeably reduced once again. Thanks to its dual-basket design, the chassis is only indirectly connected to the baffle. Despite the extensive effort invested in its design, the results are evident in the impressively precise, extremely detailed, and neutral sound.

Priced per pair. Includes steel spikes, counter caps, and black glass grilles.

Custom glass color finishes available upon request.

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