Audio Physic Classic 8 Floorstanding Speakers

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Building upon the success of the Classic 5, which shares the same slim silhouette, the Classic 8 significantly boosts presence and power delivery. This remarkable enhancement is achieved by incorporating a dedicated woofer with an extra-strong motor system to handle bass-support duties for the mid-woofer. This 2½-way design offers more than enough power to effortlessly fill even large rooms of 20 sqm (215 sqft) or more with breathtakingly good sound.

Both the woofer and mid-woofer of the Classic 8 feature cones made from woven glass fiber, combining low weight with high internal damping to effectively prevent sound-disrupting partial oscillations. The fixed phase plug of the mid-woofer reduces compression effects in the crucial mid-range and aids in cooling the substantial magnetic motor during operation.

Similar to the Classic 5, the Classic 8 also boasts a silk dome tweeter nestled in a small horn-shaped indentation, subtly adjusting the sound radiation behavior around the crossover frequency between mid and high frequencies. This ensures that the spatial image remains wide, balanced, and precise, even if the listener is seated somewhat outside the so-called sweet spot.

Priced per pair. Includes steel spikes and black fabric grilles.

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