Focal Vestia No2 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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Our new surprise favorites at this price point. Why ‘surprise’? Our experience with Focal speakers has always revealed an extra sparkly top end (tweeter/treble region) which is terrific provided they are somewhat carefully matched with the equipment upstream from them (e.g. amplifier). The Vestia line still has a wonderfully detailed tweeter. However, it is a more forgiving design than what we’ve heard with other outstanding speaker lines by Focal, such as the Kanta series. We are getting wonderful results from Cambridge, Marantz and Rega amplifiers and sources by those lines.

We love the new sound profile of this new offering by Focal, and they're made in France. If this line was a variety of wine we’d say: syrah. Take that analogy with a grain of salt (or a nice appetizer)!

The first in the line of Vestia floorstanding speakers by Focal. All the wonderful attributes we like about the Vestia No1 bookshelf speakers but with greater foundation in the bass region, which also allows for more detail in the midrange region. This is further improved upon with its own dedicated mid-driver. A true 3-way design: tweeter, midrange and 2 bass speakers working in tandem.

An enveloping sound with great authority when partnered with appropriate amplification. Our non-commissioned sales team would be happy to advise you on what we offer, or to help determine if what you already own is a good match!

• Three way floorstanding speaker with decoupling base included.
• Perfect for larger rooms starting at 215 sq ft
• Sensitivity 91.5dB
• Frequency response 47Hz - 30kHz
• Recommended amplifier power 40 - 250W
• Dimensions (WxDxH) 10 ⅛ x 14 ⅝ x 39 ⅞ “
• Black or white leather-effect front panel, Black High Gloss, Dark Wood or Light Wood side panels


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