Grado GW100x Wireless Headphones

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The GW100x Bluetooth open back headphone is Grado’s 3rd edition of this award winning headphone. The GW100 series was the first open-back Bluetooth headphone on the market, offering superior sound than it’s closed back contemporaries. No compromises with sound… it's a Grado®.

This GW100x uses Grado’s 4th generation driver which features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. The reengineering of these components for our 44mm drivers improves the efficiency while reducing distortion, and preserves the harmonic integrity of your music. The GW100x utilizes Bluetooth version 5.2 technology; aptX adaptive, AAC and SBC codecs and improved battery life offering up to 46 hours of listening on a 2 hour charge. If you forget to charge your GW100x you can use the supplied 3.5mm headphone cable to connect to your device. New to the GW100x is multipoint pairing, while you won’t be able to simultaneously communicate with multiple devices you will be able to pair, and switch between, 2 devices more efficiently.

Lightweight and comfortable, with a padded headband, the GW100x is the perfect choice for long listening sessions enjoying your favorite music. The built in microphone makes taking a phone call or getting on a virtual meeting simple. Easy to locate controls on the earpiece offer you full functionality, and you’ll also have the ability to control your GW100x from your connected device. Included with your purchase are the GW100x headphone, a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack for a wired connection and an instruction booklet.

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