Hana Umami Red Microline Low Output MC Phono Cartridge

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Auricle Cartridge body
The HANA-Umami Red exclusive Auricle body design, mimics the shape of the human outer ear to rigidly support the “Open Air” Moving Coil generator. The unique body shape is machined from A7075 aluminum, one of the strongest and lightest alloys popular in aerospace engineering. The Duralumin body features an Ebony Wood inlay on its front facia to provide specific damping properties and tapped mounting holes assure secure attachment to the tonearm.

Urushi Lacquer
The HANA-Umami Red body’s multi-layered Urushi lacquer finish originates from the famous Japanese Makie-artistic tradition, adding to the rich sound and optics. This classic and complex procedure consists of a black Urushi painted undercoat, elaborate red-coloration process incorporating fine silver powder, “hana” name printing with pure gold powder, and final lacquer coating with multiple polishing steps.

Microline Stylus
The HANA-Umami Red ‘nude’ natural diamond stylus is cut and polished to mimic the cutting head stylus to Master or “cut” all vinyl records. This design offers the most precise fit into the vinyl groove, tracing the most delicate musical nuances.

Boron Cantilever
Boron, with a hardness comparable to diamond, was selected for the HANA- Umami Red to rigidly hold the Microline stylus. This solid Boron cantilever allows the smallest audible details and micro-dynamics to be transmitted without loss to the moving coil generator, capturing the artists’ intent.

Moving Coil Generator
The rare earth samarium/cobalt magnet material selected for the HANA- Umami Red generator offers the best electro-magnetic energy, a requirement for this very musical design. Pure copper wires are expertly hand-wound onto the classic square plate Permalloy armature.

Cryogenic Processing
This ‘cold annealing’ process at near absolute zero temperature is applied to treat many of the components in the HANA-Umami Red generator as well as the gold-plated signal output pins. The cryogenic process alters the molecular structure of the materials, producing a transformative quality similar to molecular gastronomy.

Wonderfully Musical
The Hana team is proud of their seamless integration of brilliant materials, modern audio engineering, and traditional techniques. Master designer Okada- san brings decades of experience to this design, applying the Umami concept of synergy with the HANA-Umami Red to indulge your senses in the music.



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