IsoAcoustics OREA Bronze Equipment Isolator

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OREA Series: Eliminates parasitic vibrations and provides greater sound clarity and focus. The OREA’s are ideal for electronic components including Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables. Made of machined stainless steel, these isolators have a low-profile design to minimize any increase in height.

Each OREA model is designed with a different weight capacity. They each have a coloured ring on the bottom isolator that denotes the model and weight capacity. The OREA series are packaged individually to allow greater flexibility when determining the number of units to use. We recommend a minimum of 3 units under each component, depending on weight.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 2″x1.1″
Tilt: No
Weight Capacity: 8lbs per unit
Quantity: 1 Unit (Single)​

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