KEF Kube 15 MIE Subwoofer

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With Kube the undeniable power of bass to transform the sonic experience emerges. Whether the immersive realms of music or the cinematic embrace of home theatre, this range of powerful subwoofers allows you to explore new depths of sound, transporting you to the heart of every performance. Enhanced by the Music Integrity Engine®(MIE) – KEF’s suite of proprietary DSP algorithms, Kube delivers optimized performance that transcends the ordinary, producing unprecedented dynamic depths. Multiple connectivity options and room EQ settings make installation and setup a breeze. Kube promises an epic journey to the deep, where every moment is a full body experience.


  • Music Integrity Engine® (MIE) – KEF’s in-house DSP – optimizes the performance of each model
  • Three room placement settings: Free standing, Wall/in-cabinet and Corner
  • 300W RMS Class D amplification
  • KEF SmartConnect intelligent inputs to automatically detect mono or stereo and adjust the subwoofer volume level accordingly
  • Versatile controls for easy integration with any loudspeaker and any home environment
  • Sealed for greater accuracy while allowing the Kube to be installed in a cabinet
  • Available in four sizes for flexible configuration: Kube 15 MIE, Kube 12 MIE, Kube 10 MIE, Kube 8 MIE
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