Luxman M-10X Power Amplifier

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The M-10x is Luxman flagship stereo/mono power amplifier designed to replace the long-running M-900u, first released in 2013. Years in development, M-10x becomes the premier model in Luxman's next-generation lineup to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Luxman’s founding in 1925.

Superbly crafted and with most outstanding sound quality, the M-10x is destined to satisfy audiophiles and music lovers with its almost limitless loudspeaker drive capability.

Original Luxman amplifier design hallmarks, such as ODNF circuitry were carefully analyzed and then further evolved through extensive computer simulations to achieve a radical improvement in audio performance. Only after repeated new circuit components auditioning and prototype listening tests were the results judged suitable for adoption as LIFES1.0 in Luxman’s new M-10x.

A three dimensional chassis housing design, in common with the D-10x is featured. Improved LED backlit analog level (VU) meters are employed with the left channel meter exactly centered for BTL-mono use priority. Equipped with 12-volt trigger input/output connections to daisy chain multiple amplifiers in a home theater or enable convenient integration into automated systems.

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