Naim Audio CD5si CD Player

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Great sounding, well-made, and does what it says on the can. The last traditional CD player in Naim’s lineup extracts the music from your silver discs in ways few players can match

Decades of innovative design expertise that reexamined every aspect of CD playback lead to the technology packed into this slim-line player.  Discrete power supplies for analog and digital systems, the swing-out drawer, and the low-mass clamping system all contribute to the fantastic and natural sound of Naim CD players.  

What makes a Naim CD player different? The transport is mounted on a swing-out bar for easy access without a motorized drawer. This also contributes to isolation from external vibration. Specialized paint in the transport compartment absorbs laser scatter, and a low-mass magnetic clamp allows faster servo response from the spindle motor. A high quality Burr-Brown DAC chip, ultra low-noise power supplies, and Naim's exceptional analog output circuitry ensure dynamic and involving sound quality.


Plays: Redbook CD and CD-r

Analog Outputs: 2ch DIN and RCA jacks

Digital Output: n/a

Includes: Remote control, power cord, and Naim DIN-DIN output cable

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