Naim Audio Statement NAP S1R Mono Power Amplifier

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Naim Audio's ultimate achievement in music reproduction. Pair the NAP S1R with the NAP S1L mono amp and the NAC S1 preamp, and you have arguably the best system ever made.

• 746 watts (1 Horse Power !!!) per Ch. at 8 ohms 1,450 Watts per Ch. at 4 ohms
9,000 Watts per Ch. burst power at 1 ohm Bridge Balance Design
• Zero Global feedback
• Naim 009 Proprietary transistors using Aluminum Nitrite – 2 1⁄2 faster
• Nano diamond compound for perfect coupling of output transistors to heatsink
• Custom design solid copper buss bars
• Huge 4000VA transformer in separate housing and coupled to floor
• Dimensions: 37"H x 10"W x 15"D
• 222 lbs each

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