NAD C427 Tuner

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Enhance your home stereo system with the NAD C427 tuner for crystal clear radio reception. Engineered with a low-distortion design and features like "FM Mute" to eliminate tuning noises, this tuner ensures a pristine listening experience. With 40 presets and user-friendly controls, you can effortlessly store and navigate your favorite radio stations. The display shows Radio Data System information, revealing station details and song information (available with select FM stations). Whether using the included remote or integrating it with your existing controller, the NAD C427 pairs seamlessly with NAD's top-notch integrated amplifiers.


  • 40 AM/FM station presets
  • 24-position rotary knob for switching between preset stations
  • Displays Radio Data System (RDS) Program-Service and Text information for station
  • Name, artist, and song info (available with select FM stations)
  • Auto and manual tuning
  • "Blend" feature narrows stereo separation for clearer reception of noisy stations
  • RS-232, IR input and +12V input for use with other remotes and controllers
  • Stereo RCA output (cable included)
  • AM and FM antennas included
  • Detachable power cord
  • Remote control included
  • FM harmonic distortion: 0.4% (mono), 0.8% (stereo)
  • FM signal-to-noise ratio: 65 dB (mono), 60 dB (stereo)
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