Naim Audio NAC 332 Preamplifier

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NAC 332 is the "analog center" of your system, delivering optimal performance to your amplifier and loudspeakers. Naim’s most versatile preamplifier to date, you can connect headphones as well as the NVC TT phono preamplifier for listening to vinyl. Use the included remote control to control the volume and inputs in just one click.

Statement volume control architecture using reed relays. Premium sound quality of fixed resistor volume control, providing precise channel balance. Uses super smooth fly-by-wire optical encoder with precision ball raced bearing.

Reed relay input switching.

Class A discrete balanced input circuits (via two single ended class A buffer, one for hot and one for cold, feeding a discrete class A op-amp).

Single ended discrete transistor class A input buffers and filter circuits, using hand soldered polystyrene capacitors (Custom ultra-low dielectric absorption filter capacitors).

Configurable inputs: Input sensitivity pre-set, AV bypass mode and mapping of input socket to button.

ZigBee RF bi-directional remote control, line of sight not needed, volume changes reflected on the remote.

Optical in and out 3.5mm inter-product communications for synchronized standby and lighting with compatible power amplifiers.

PSU upgrade with NPX 300 via two Burndy cables (one digital and one analogue).

0.5W standby power Using two internal power supplies; one is a high quality audiophile linear type, based on a large toroidal transformer. The other is a highly efficient SMPSU for 0.5W power consumption in standby during standby mode.

Galvanic isolation of control and audio circuits.

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