Rega Planar 10 Turntable

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The product of almost 50 years spent devoted to turntable design, the new Planar 10 incorporates the best available materials and meticulous manufacturing standards into an exceptional reference table at a fraction of the cost of many bespoke designs.



Highy-sophisticated outboard speed-control unit in half-width case for optimal motor performance. Each PS10 is tuned specifically to the motor in the matching PL10 table.

One-piece sapphire-hardness ceramic platter to minimize energy storage and maximize flywheel effect

The gorgeous polished-aluminum RB3000 tonearm features many revolutionary design and production processes to create friction-free bearings with no play (sub 1000th of a mm).

New hub-bearing design utilizes new CNC technology for extraordinary tolerances

Set-on dustcover included


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